Always buy your pet from a licensed animal trader or licensed breeder. Never buy pets from unknown sources.

What do you need to ask before buying a pet?
If you are buying a puppy/kitten from a licensed pet shop or a licensed breeder, make sure that you are given the following:

1. Documentation proving source of the puppy

  • If the puppy/kitten is imported from another country, it should have a health certificate and an import permit.
  • If the puppy is locally bred, it should have a receipt showing the transaction.
  • If the puppy is obtained from a private pet owner, it should have an owner’s declaration and a veterinary certificate showing the dam’s microchip number.

2. Advice on your selection

Ask for an independent examination by a registered veterinary surgeon before your purchase. A reputable animal trader should allow a veterinary examination in order to guarantee the health of the animal.

3. A valid and up-to-date vaccination certificate issued by a registered veterinary surgeon, and check if the certificate belongs to the puppy/kitten which you are buying.

4. A microchip number should already be implanted in the puppy for sale. Ask the shop keeper (the seller) to scan and show you the microchip number.

5. A receipt of the transaction, including a full description of the puppy/kitten you are buying.

Remember, if you have any doubt over the health of the animal, or the seller refuses to provide you with any of the above, DO NOT BUY IT!

How to choose a healthy animal?

Before buying any pet, always examine it closely. Remember to look out for the following:

Healthy signs Unhealthy signs
Clean ears Dirty ears can be caused by:

– ear mites
– ear infection
Clear, bright eyes Dull or weeping eyes can be caused by:
– Any general illness
– Infection
– Poor nutrition
Clean and glossy coat Dull coat or hair loss can be caused by:
– Poor nutrition
– Lack of cleanliness or hygiene
– Intestinal worms
– Ringworm, mange or fleas
A clean rear end Dirty rear can be caused by:
– Diarrhoea
– Flea irritation
– Intestinal worms

In order to prevent Rabies, do not purchase animals from anonymous sources.
To safeguard your consumption rights, only buy pets from approved animal traders which are licensed by the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department.